Monday, March 27, 2023

Believe in What You Want to Be





I believe in Love.

I seek to be Love extending Love.

I recognize thoughts create.

I choose to think Love and create what is Good.

Believing Is Seeing.

Most have learned to believe what they see.

Many learned to have what they have been taught.

Science tends to trust what can be seen.

We believe what we can prove in the physical.

We are perceiving what we are believing.

If we cannot prove it beyond doubt, we discount it.

And yet what if our beliefs make it so?

What if we have it all backwards?

When two agree it is so, we tend to believe in them.

Our guessing and second-guessing is how we get what we have.

When we believe we will get well quickly, we do.

When we know we are well, we don’t need to get sick.

Our elders often pass on cures, prophecies and healings which we believe in.

When we return to what many agree on, we may join their belief.

When we doubt what others believe, we need to find our own “proof”.

Our lineage often imprints us with belief.

When we doubt the past, we often turn to the current experts.

When we fully believe them, we join their faith.

When we doubt them, we may live in fear or seek something else.

When we may learn “By our own faith, we are healed”, we have the experience.

Miracles occur naturally.

Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.

With freedom and trust, we choose what to believe.

Within us, we can forgive the fear and choose again.

Wholeness and Abundance are ours to choose.

By our faith, we can see what can be ours.

In our Love, we learn to trust in the unlimited.

In trust, we experience and explore what to believe.

Ask Your Self what you truly want.

Believe with all your heart and mind.

Clear the fear and disbelief.

Choose the highest and best to Be.

Our path is to learn to believe.

Live our dreams of wholeness.

Free ourselves from doubt.

Seek always what is Good.

And so it is we choose to believe what we want to see.

Loving us all as we grow in our willingness to believe.

Betty Lue

Like the air you breathe, abundance in all things is available to you.

 Your life will simply be as good as you allow it to be.