Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Be Happy!

Choose the Happy Way!


I am my best when I am loving.

I feel happy and free when I Love.

I receive the love I give from within.

Fulfillment in life comes from my Loving.

Be Happy!

Live in Love and be happy.

To be happy is to stay on purpose.

To enjoy life is to follow the path of Love.

To celebrate your own life is to listen to Love within.

This is the month of Love.

It is time to recognize Love.

The happy path is always to respond with Love.

No matter what, let us remember to share our best.

So how do we find true and lasting happiness?

Begin today to choose the happy way.

Smile and give “thanks”.

See what is good and true for you.

We can always give more.

We can always love more.

We can always value more.

We can always help more.

Find someone or something that needs your love.

A plant, a pet, a friend, a caregiver-- all need your appreciation.

Seek where you can give with your smile or touch or “thanks”.

Yes, there are grander ways to give, but all goodness is of equal value.

Be true to what makes you happy.

Experiment with forgiving and returning to love.

Try out sharing a blessing with a card or call.

Be the prayer that you would like to receive in your need.

Every one of us is here to give more of the Love and Goodness from within.

Life is for giving.

When we open the flow by giving, there is more received to be given.

We are recycling this ever present and all-powerful Love.

Be creative in how to express your happiness.

Sing a song of joy and enjoy the singing.

Cook a meal and enjoy the cooking.

Love freely and enjoy the loving.

Receive the gift of being you and let the love and happiness shine through.

You can be happy for the birds singing, the sun shining, the rain blessing the earth.

You can be happy to share your gratitude and your love.

You are meant to be happy each day for simply being here.

We live to love.

We give to love.

We love to care.

We love to share.

We are partners in Love.

Betty Lue