Thursday, February 09, 2023

Do Something!


I use my life in loving and beneficial ways.

I intend each day to give in the most thoughtful ways.

“Never ending and constant improvement” is my reminder.

I can change my life experience by doing what is mine to do.

Don’t Just Complain…..Do Something”

Complaining is Draining! So STOP!

What is yours to do?

Do something more than criticize and complain.

Do something about what is upsetting to you.

Do something to heal, fix, serve and be helpful.

If we see something that needs to be done, it is ours to do.

There is a call for service in every complaint and criticism.

What we see is coming to us to be addressed in a helpful way.

Where we are is our domain to be responsible for its care.

When we care, we do something good.

When we dare, we correct something wrong.

When we want better, we do better.

When we want more, we give more.

It is our time to step forward and speak up.

It is for each person to improve themselves.

This is our world to use our thoughts and words.

This is our life to be used for beneficial actions.

Every place and times needs our divine right action.

All life calls for our best.

To use what is given without gratitude is not helpful.

To take what is not ours is not beneficial.

Consider what you can do to do better.

Consider what you can say to inspire and encourage.

Consider how you might think to expand your consciousness.

Consider the power and potential in always doing, saying and visualizing what is better for all.

Stop using your time and energy complaining.

Complaints are your wake calls to what you are called to DO.

Complaining is draining and uses your energy in ineffective ways.

Step forward and do what is effective.

Begin with yourself.

Do better with your nutrition, rest, self love and happiness.

Do better with your family and friends by appreciating more and always giving your best.

Do better with your home and workplace, creating order, beauty and harmonty.

Do better with your thoughts.

Do better with your words.

Do better with your actions.

Do better because you can do better. 

I am always reminding myself to Do Better!

Betty Lue

 Do Better by Doing Your Best.