Tuesday, February 07, 2023

You Are Love


I am created as Love, here to remember to be loving.

I let go of fear and withholding Love .

I trust in the unlimited power of Love.

I choose to free myself to always trust in Love.

You Are Love

You are created by Love.

You are a miracle of Love.

Your life is an expression of Love.

Your purpose is to be Loving.

When we live the Truth, we love.

When we are on purpose, we are loving.

When Life works for us, we have chosen Love.

When we are loving, we are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

When we forget Love, we are asleep.

When we neglect Love, we are misguided.

When we lose our way, we are fearful.

When we withhold love, we feel anxiety and guilt.

The signals are clear.

When Love is expressed, we feel confident.

When Love is shared, we feel safe.

When Love is flowing, we feel good.

Life is simple.

We are bridge walkers from fear to Love.

We are the light workers who show the way.

We are awakening our families and humanity to be Love.

There is nowhere to go.

There is nothing to do.

Love, simply Love.

Be the Love You Are.

Welcome Love.

Encourage Love. 

 Enjoy Love.

Appreciate Love.

Notice all the ways you show Love.

Appreciate the acts of Love.

Honor those who remember Love.

Teach and show Love to everyone.

Remember Love Is Who You Really Are.

Betty Lue