Sunday, January 01, 2023

Live Your Truth!

For You! New Year’s Visioning Below

Affirmations:  (These are written for YOU!)

Conceive and Believe and I will achieve.

With my awareness of Love in me, I see and know clearly my intention.

When I am “right” with myself, I know I can do what is mine to do.

I love living life freely and abundantly sharing only Good.

Live Your Intention

Without your intention, you go where others lead you.

Without a song, you never sing.

Without your will, you are unaware you have one.

Without your Love, the world seems dark and lonely.

You make the difference in your own life.

Without your purpose, you do not know your importance.

You have a heart and mind to lead and guide you.

Without listening to yourself, you lose your way.

It is time to step forward with a clear vision.

Let your vision be honest and real for you.

Your history is determined by what you choose.

Choose the legacy you want to leave your world.

Everyday, but especially each New Year, listen within and get clear.

If you want to learn, clarify what to learn.

If you want to heal, define how to heal.

If you want to create, imagine creating.

You are determining what and how and when you will experience what you want.

It is your clarity, definition and imagination that gives your life form and function.

You will experience what you have chosen, sought and lived for.

You can erase the canvas or simply replace what has been and choose again.

While I often speak about forgiveness, I am merely encouraging you to begin again.

If you like the design and definition of your life, enjoy it and celebrate yourself.

If you prefer something distinctly different, set your mind to what it is you prefer.

If there are minor tweaks, corrections or redirection you need, just do it now.

You can do what you want to do if you really want to do it.

Always valuing You!

Betty Lue

2023 New Year’s Visioning

To start any path, purpose or project, begin with a goal or desired outcome in mind.

Look for what has heart and meaning, what inspires and motivates you!

Ie: Peace, success, gratitude, prosperity, well-being, freedom, etc.

What has the highest value for you and why you do what you do?


Choose the highest priority and focus with an open mind and grateful heart.

Keep your choices simple and able to remember, by repeating, written and spoken daily.

Give it time to feel right and true for you, believable and achievable. 

Take the time to write and post where you can read it daily.

Celebrate with full enthusiasm and joy daily every win to be grateful for.

Gratitude works by expanding your faith and increasing the trust.

Put your heart and soul into what it is you are choosing to be so.

Know the goal is for the Highest Good of All. No loss or lack or limitation.

Align with your values and your priorities.

Focus on what is of highest value.

Write 20 wants for you in 2023.

Create your highest most inclusive desire in each primary area to be experienced.

What do you want to experience to cover in each area listed below?

My highest goals.

Spiritually: What do I desire to experience?

Personally: What do I desire to experience?

Health/Energy:  What do I desire to experience?

Relationship:  What do I desire to experience?

Family: What do I desire to experience?

Work: What do I desire to experience?

Money: What do I desire to experience?

Community: What do I desire to experience?

Environment: What do I desire to experience?

Contribution: What do I desire to experience?

Read and remind yourself daily of your goals and intention!

2023 is your year to do what is highest and best for you.

Feel Good and be Grateful!

"All Good and Only Good."

Wishing you happiness, health and fulfillment. 

Betty Lue