Monday, January 02, 2023

Welcome Change!


I welcome change and let go.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy for me.

I set myself free to fully be all I AM.

There is only good in transformation.

Change Is Transformation.

Allow change.

Welcome change.

Accept change.

Embrace change.

Everything works together for Good.

There is no need to fear change.

Change is natural in this world.

Look for the blessings in change.

When you cling to the same, you are stagnant.

When you deny change, you withhold Love.

When you fear change, you do not trust.

When you cannot let go, you are afraid.

Fear holds you back from good.

Doubt restricts your life flow.

Uncertainty keeps you separate.

Let go and trust in transformation.

Life is flow.

Abundant life is open flow.

Fulfilling life is freedom and trust.

Loving a full life is allowing life to be rich and good.

2023 is time to let go of what you no longer want.

To receive all good, let go of what has no value.

Relinquish emotional and mental limitations and feel free.

Release the stuff in your mental, emotional and physical world.

Undo the limiting beliefs.

Forgive regrets and resentments.

Open up the space in your heart.

Let go of the stuff with bad history.

You do not need to have it all.

You do not want when you learn to love.

You will not be greedy when you can trust.

You will not be lacking when you are fulfilled.

Life is your playground.

Experiment and explore.

Change something everyday.

Try novel and fun ways.

You will see how easy life can be.

Allow change and transformation.

Loving you in all you are and do.

It is true….


Letting go can be fun, safe and easy.

Learn to let go with love and gratitude.