Saturday, December 31, 2022

Light, Light, More Light!


I believe in You and Me!

I clear the fear with faith and trust.

I seek the Light and am enlightened.

I trust in only the Highest Good for all.

Seek The Light!

Stop blocking the Light!

Stop clouding your mind.

Relinquish insanity.

Choose for humanity.

Dump the trash.

Bury the dead stuff!.

Cling to nothing.

Honor everything.

Behold the Light that guides your way.

Give life to what gives energy to you.

Choose the mind that is meaningful and kind.

Seek only what brings joy and gratitude.

You are here to be clear.

You have love and wisdom in you.

Wipe away the tears and fears.

Choose for joy and gratitude.

Lift yourself up in faith.

Stop putting yourself down with doubt.

Remember who you are in truth.

Eliminate what is not true with forgiveness.

Dare to dream. 

Set your goals.

Believe in you.

Live the Best.

You can be what you can see within.

Feel the joy of what is in you.

Trust your highest vision.

Don’t buy into worldly limitation.

You can, because you dare to do.

Choose what you want to be true.

Open your heart to everything good.

Bless and let go of what depletes you.

Expand your mind.

Trust your heart.

Listen to what’s possible.

Follow the highest Light.

Love is the Answer.

Whatever the question.

If it is yours to do, do it now.

With faith, all things are possible.

Let’s go for it!

Love works!

I say “YES!”

Betty Lue