Friday, December 30, 2022

Time To Let Go!

2023 Chariot Year from Robert! (Below)

Effective New Year’s Ritual:

Write down all the memories, habits and feelings you want to release. 

Cross it off with marking pen, tear up the paper and burn it.  

“I freely and joyfully release all that is not best for me!"


Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I relinquish what is not mine to carry.

I lighten up and live with mindfulness.

I choose to free myself from all that holds me back.

Letting Go!

Is it time for you to let go of the past?

Are you ready to finish what is done?

Are you open to a new beginning?

Can you see what you must do to be true?

Are you haunted by incompletion?

Do you stay in conflict with someone?

Are you open to resolving problems?

Do you withhold true forgiveness?

Letting go stops all wasted time and energy.

Undoing the past is the first step to a positive future.

Forgive yourself for blocking your way to creativity.

Open up to see what is before you to accept and enjoy.

There is only Good when we wash away the reminders of past pain.

There is learning and creating when we open our channel to wisdom and Love.

There is the joy of reviewing and renewing ourselves when we let go.

There is affirmation, acceptance and appreciation when we are ready to receive.

Open the space in your home with letting go.

Open the room in your heart to love even more.

Open the visions in your mind when you relinquish disappointment.

Open the joy of relationships when choose to love again no matter what.

You can have a new beginning everyday when you are willing to let go.

Erase the canvas and white out your mistakes and others. too.

You can be the healing presence when you stop the wounding.

You can learn from everything and everyone when you can fully see.

Let go of the weight and the hate.

Let go of the criticism and resentment.

Let go of what hurts and disappoints you.

Let go of negative pictures and projections.

Let go of what blinds and confounds you.

Let go of what blocks the light and love.

Everything you store, takes a piece of your energy.

You can be the one who sets you free to be.

We may not see all we carry, but letting for will lighten your load.

Lighten up to bring health and happiness, youth and wisdom.

You know what is too much so let it go.

You feel what is good for you, so choose it now.

You trust what is best, so live it everyday.

You want what you deserve, so relinquish what is not for you.

Time to create your own NEW YEAR vision.

All Good and Only Good.

Remember it is time to experiment.

Experience what you really want.

Go for It!

Betty Lue

2023—The Chariot Year


2022 was a year focused on Relationships—reassessing and creating equality in all of our relationships. 

2023 is a year focused on Change. This is a year when you may choose to move, relocate or have a greater desire to travel.  There may even be possible career changes (changes in occupation, location or focus).  The primary symbol for 2023 is the Chariot, which represents change through decision and conscious choice.  This is a year to make changes which are positive, expansive and which nurture and support you.  When you follow your heart, these changes will affect you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, bringing all aspects of yourself into greater harmony.  

During this year, you will be faced with opportunities to become aware of any areas in your life where you are held back by your fear of failure.  Your challenge is to take positive action in these circumstances to overcome your fears.  Don’t be tempted to feel sorry for yourself, to see yourself as a victim or at the effect of any external conditions, individuals or situations. You must take positive steps to change the (apparently) limiting circumstances in your life.

Picture yourself in an old-fashioned chariot (ala: Ben Hur). You are standing in the chariot, holding the reigns in your hands with the horses out in front—literally chomping at the bit. During 2023, you have unlimited power in those horses to take you anywhere you choose to go. You are in total control of your life and this is the year to be fully supported in knowing and experiencing that.  

The keys:

1.   Know where you want to go. Have a goal, a direction, a plan. This can only be done by taking some “inner” time to tune into your heartfelt desires and your inner guidance. Once you know where you want to go, then direct the horses.

2.   Hang onto the reigns with full confidence, optimism and faith in your own abilities. If you throw up your hands in fear or resignation, the horses will keep going and you will experience being “taken for a ride”.  No fun. If you find yourself some place you don’t wish to be, merely stop the chariot, take a look around, choose another goal or destination and head off in that direction.

“I consciously choose for change.”

“I know my chosen path and consciously focus my energies toward my goal.”

“By harnessing all my forces toward my purpose & controlling my fears, I victoriously meet my challenges.”

2023 is also a year focused on Optimism; a time to look for and believe in all the good things to come; a year to enjoy your choices and inspire others with your optimistic views of the future.  The potential “pitfall” is avoidance; procrastination, fear of pain and conflict, trying to make everything ‘nice’ and comfortable, over-indulgence in pleasures.  We need to find our security in the present moment, as it is, finding learning, growth and pleasure in creative self-expression.  Seek friends who are willing to encourage us to bring some of our many plans into reality, helping us commit to and be accountable for projects which truly serve us.

“I am willing to experience all.”

“I open to the full experience of each moment, expressing my joy 

for the perfection and goodness of life as it unfolds before me.”

The primary support tools available in 2023 are:

    The HierophantWhen we begin to experience futility, fear of failure, self-indulgence or feeling sorry for ourselves, it is time to consciously teach what we need to learn, trust our inner knowing, create support systems, establish a spiritual discipline, and focus on commitment which joins heart, mind and action in some cause.

“I am given the wisdom I need.”

“I trust my higher Self to direct and empower the perfect application of my teaching and inspirational gifts.”

“I commit my obedience only where and when my Higher Self directs.”

    Exploration—Maintain idealism, confidence, honesty, motivation and a straight-forward approach to life.  Develop ability to see the future by understanding current trends and remember that goals will be achieved through the power of positive thinking.

“I open to new vistas.”

“I am open and free, ready to experience all the world has to offer and more.”

    The Aura—Representing the ability to uplift and inspire, a strong self-identity and inner peace fueling a bright, shining outer countenance.

“I am inspired as I inspire.”

“My presence alone is a blessing to all, bringing inspiration, peace and enlightenment.”