Friday, December 16, 2022

In Times Of Darkness


I choose to bring the light of joy and gratitude into my world.

I live with the enlivened Spirit of Goodness and Love.

I celebrate what is Good and Whole and Beautiful.

I offer Light on Earth that comes through me.

Dark Times Call Forth Light.

“Light, Light, More Light!”

As we enter winter time, there is less light.

Some love the darkness and some are afraid.

Some love drama and some try to find peace.

Choose what you prefer and use it well.

If you want contrast, choose both.

Dark skies and bright lights on a winter walk.

Darkened room and quiet reflection by the fireplace.

In the dark, some listen and observe the light within.

In the winter, some rest and reflect on the past.

In the stillness or quiet, some plan for the spring.

In the need to do less, some hunger to do more.

There are those who become depressed and feel like dying.

There are those who feel helpless and consumed with fear.

There are those who handle pain with addiction and confusion.

You can seek and choose more light within and without.

Where you place your focus, determines how you feel.

What you choose to think and do determines the energy you have.

How you present yourself will reflect back to you.

Where you go and who you know generates more of what you see.

When lost in your own self-made misery, choose again what you desire.

When confused by a darkened world, choose to bring what is good for you.

When you have forgotten what you want, observe how you like to feel.

When you want what you want, bring it to your life with clarity and commitment.

You are the light you bring.

You are the forgiveness you choose.

You are the gift of love you offer.

You are the one who is conscious.

Bring light into your mind, as you will.

Bring light into your relationships with your forgiveness.

Bring light into your words and doingness with your gratitude.

Bring light into your world with all you are, all you think and do.

This is your time to shine and share.

When the world seems dark and despairing.

You have come to wash away the mistakes and choose again.

Stand out and sing out for the Light will come with you.

Valuing the Light in Us that sets us free.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue