Thursday, December 15, 2022

Choose Your Memories!

Change your mind to change your life.

Use these Affirmations:

I choose a mind that is positive and encouraging.

I clear my mind with conscientious forgiveness.

I hold happy, healthy memories to encourage Goodness.

I bless myself with blessed memories.

What Do You Remember?

You are in charge of what you hold in mind.

You can choose what to remember.

What we remember, we tend to repeat.

We can hold happy memories or ones that hurt.

We have learned to use our minds to remember.

We remember to be able to pass tests and get good grades.

We remember to build defenses against people and past experiences

We remember to feel good and sometimes to feel mad and sad.

Why do we remember what hurts us and hurts others?

Why do we hold on to painful breakups and betrayals?.

Why do we seem to cherish reminding ourselves of what frightens us?

Why do we highlight what is dramatic and difficult?

Stop telling disaster stories.

Stop hurting yourself by remembering.

Stop reminding yourself of past pain.

Stop encouraging yourself to be afraid, angry and suffer.

To forgive is to forget.

To love is to heal.

To be happy is to be inspired.

To pray is to bless and affirm.

Set yourself to be free to love again.

Step up to create through your vision and imagination.

Practice the fine art of erasing the past and choosing again.

No one will forget your mistakes unless you do.

Renew your mind with a new clean canvas.

Create delightful memories to replace the disappointing ones.

Give yourself hope and faith and love .

Seek positive memories and you will see all things differently.

Give yourself a new mind daily with an eraser filled with love.

Honor yourself with appreciation and enthusiasm. 

Take care of your whole self by letting go of fear.

Please yourself daily with affirmations and encouragement.

Ingest the best and forget the rest.

Release what is toxic and unhealthy.

Appreciate the gifts and blessings.

Learn to love your Self well.

Loving you always, 

Betty Lue