Saturday, December 17, 2022

Light In Mind


I let go of what no longer serves my happiness and peace.

I undo unhealthy habits with forgiveness and gratitude.

I use my mind for positive and helpful purposes.

I think, speak and behave in integrity with what I believe is good.

Light Heals!

The more you reveal, the more you can heal.

When we only look at the surface, we cannot see what is there.

When we are caught in the details, we do not see the big picture.

When we are lost in the body, emotions and behaviors, we cannot see the call for Love.

Look beneath the surface.

Listen to what is calling for help and healing.

Pay attention to the underlying confusion and need.

Forgive limited outcomes and misleading assumptions. 

It is time to take a deeper look.

Shine a light on what seems dark or distracting.

Learn to be a safe place to increase learning.

Follow forgiving intuition to help heal and reveal what is real.

We are called to see things differently.

We are here to heal ourselves and our relationships.

We must confess our own mental errors and emotional reactions.

We can then begin to accept and understand others’ miss-steps and regrets.

Secrets, cover-ups and dishonesty are how people deceive themselves.

When fearing discovery, most people fib, lie, tell stories, distract and withdraw.

When caught up in pretending, there is a fear of being seen and known and loved.

We lie because we do not know what to do with the misperception and darkness in our mind.

All of us must awaken to the awareness of what is good and healthy for everyone.

We all must tell the “truth” and ask for forgiveness.

When we confess what is missed and seen falsely, we can begin to heal.

Awareness with forgiveness and non judgment heals.

Under all deception and lies is the call for truth.

Under all mistakes is the call for correction.

Under all hurts is the call for healing.

Under all fear is the call for love.

What will it take for us to see what is needed?

How can we see what is deeply wanted?

When will we wake up to what is our purpose?

We are here to release the past and choose for a better way.

Let us shine our own light and insight on what seems to be.

Let us respond with forgiveness and love to what is needed.

Let us listen deeply to what is in the hearts of all creation.

Let us live and let live to know the Goodness within.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Let us forgive our mistakes and choose for a better way!