Sunday, December 04, 2022



With Love in me, I have no need except to share it.

No one and nothing can limit me.

I am free in Spirit and in Love

When I respond with Love, my life is fun, safe and easy.

Are You Free?

What restricts you?

Why do you limit those you love?

What prevents you from trusting?

Why would you want to teach others to restrict themselves?

Children naturally want to be free.

Do you believe you know what will keep you safe.

Do you misunderstand the resistance and rebellion of our youth.

Are you afraid of what others will do without limitation and containment?

Perhaps our society has learned that freedom is unsafe.

Perhaps you have been taught to be careful and afraid.

Perhaps you believe you are helping others by teaching them to be careful.

Perhaps you think that your love is to be afraid for others and to keep them safe.

Being “responsible” is responding with Love (not fear).

Being able to respond with Love is really trusting and freeing ourselves and others.

Being a good parent and partner and friend is encouraging, inspiring and trusting others.

When you have fear, distrust and cautiousness, it is yours to heal.

“In our sinlessness, we are safe from harm.

In our innocence, we know what is good.

In our openness, we learn easily with simple awareness.

In our natural trust, we listen and know naturally.”

In our protectiveness we teach others to distrust.

In our desire to take care of another, we teach them our fears.

In our judgments we distrust others from responding naturally.

In our fear of what others will choose, we often choose for them.

Natural learning allows us to experience what works and doesn’t work.

Every child learns through experience.

When we listen to our own inner voice, we know what is good for us.

When we trust ourselves, we experience life that is right and true for us.

Some climb mountains and some fly planes.

Some use adventure and risk to learn what to trust.

Some seek a life of no limits and are free to enjoy.

Some are cautious and stay inside with only vicarious adventures.

Perhaps it is up to each individual to listen to their own choice.

Maybe it is our turn to allow others to experience the natural consequences of their life choices.

Do we know what others are to do and have and be?

Perhaps it is right for us to pay attention to the source of our own life choices.

Trust and free yourself to listen to your own intuition, inner guidance.

Learn by experimenting and experiencing the result of your own choices.

Follow the path that flows around problems, limitations and obstacles.

Allow others to learn from their own choices.

Life is our learning laboratory.

Ask: What works?

How is that working for you?

What are you learning?

Bless us all for learning everyday from everything and everyone.

Betty Lue