Monday, December 05, 2022



I am here to be true to the Love within me.

I am responsible for listening within to my way home.

I choose the fun, safe and easy way to live.

I am free to forgive and choose again and again.

Ask me for PURPOSE Exercise: Discover your True Source of Fulfillment!

What Fulfills You?

Getting things and stuff do not fulfill you.

It is Joy that fills you up.

It is not how many toys and tools you acquire.

It is deep and profound Gratitude that brings you Joy.

Our ego may search endlessly for that inner Joy.

But when we find our heart’s desire we are fulfilled.

Begin asking, “What brings me true and lasting Joy?”

“What am I really seeking today and everyday?”

Is it helping someone that brings me joy?

Is it discovering something that brings me Joy?

Is it learning something new that inspires me?

Is it accomplishing or achieving?

Is it exploring?

Is it enjoying people?

Is it being in nature that lifts my spirits?

Is it nurturing and nourishing?

Is it teaching?

Is it providing?

Is it protecting?

Is it creating beauty?

Is it building?

Is it entertaining?

Is it loving and being Loved?

Begin to look over the quality of your Life.

Find the “high points” that seem to transcend the rest of life.

Seek the places and people and moments in which you feel your best.

Follow the path of happiness and peace and you will find what is yours to be and do.

When we discover that which is our "true calling," we know it and show it!

When we understand what brings us a good nights’ sleep with inner peace, we know fulfillment.

When we smile at the realization we are living the life we really want, we are truly happy.

When we are grateful for each day, we are truly successful.

Bliss is that inner joy and contentment that transcends what we think.

Some experience peace of mind.

Some know profound gratitude.

Some find deep passion and enthusiasm.

Always seek for what brings you enthusiasm and aliveness.

You deserve fulfillment in your life.

Once you have found it, seek only to sustain what is right and real for you.

Your life can be totally fulfilling everyday.

Live your life the highest way and rejoice.

Living in Love and Peace and Joy,

Betty Lue