Saturday, December 03, 2022

What To Believe?


I believe in what works.

I trust and free myself and others to choose.

I allow us all to learn and grow and change our minds.

I learn from everyone and everything & know my mind is mine to choose.

What Do You Believe?

It is your choice about what you believe.

It is your right to decide what is “right” for you.

It is your responsibility to discern what you trust.

And if you don’t believe in you, how can you know?

There are a myriad of voices, opinions, facts, all claiming to be true.

Each one believes in their own stories and perceptions.

Every scientist and researcher can attest to their chosen “factual truth”.

The convincing comes when we want to believe what we hear.

Facts can be altered, made up and distorted for the purpose of the listener.

Our mind is often made up by what we want to believe.

In reality it is what we believe that we make “true” for us.

Many believe “It is all made up.”

“What you Conceive and Believe, you can Achieve.”

The metaphysics of this life experience is seen as being based for co-creation.

Our spiritual experience is often seen as based on our “faith”.

So do you believe what is good, inspiring and “true” for you?

I want happy endings.

I like healing and helpful relationships.

I prefer feeling good and positive and capable.

So I choose voices that inspire, and fill me with hope and trust.

We can turn off fear-based voices and noises.

We can choose for love-inspired creations and ideas.

We can join with what fills us with gratitude and happiness.

We can let go of following the crowd and choose to believe our way.

No need for arguing, violence or negativity.

No need for taking sides.

No need for making others wrong.

We can simply choose what is right and good for us to believe and buy.

I believe in what brings health and healing, different for each individual.

I believe in the right to choose what we want for ourselves, without denying another.

I believe in what works for you and for me, what is effective and helpful.

I believe in what sets me free to be happy and trust in the Highest Good for all.

What do you believe in?

What do you choose to strengthen and grow?

What do you buy and spend your time, money and energy on having, doing and being.?

What do you want to have and to hold from this day forward, with all your heart and mind?

I respect your right and responsibility to choose,

Bless us all for making our own choice.

Betty Lue