Thursday, November 17, 2022

Give Goodness Generously

Your life is your movie. 

If you like it, keep living it.

If you don't, rewrite the script.

Your life is your teacher.


Life is totally responsive to me.

I receive as I have given.

To Have All, Give All To All.

I freely give the best I know within me.

Give What You Want To Get!

Give your best and enjoy the best outcomes.

Ingest the best and forget the rest.

Seek the best in you and share it wherever you go.

Live the highest truth you know and appreciate it.

What can you do to turn around the world you see?

How can you see things differently in the best light?

What can you say to make others respond with love?

How can you know what is best for you is best for others?

Life is for giving and you are the Gift you give.

Life is for loving and you are the Love you share.

Life is for learning and you are teaching what you want to learn.

Life is for enjoying and you are the joy you bring to every moment.

If you don’t like name-calling, stop calling yourself and others names.

If you don’t like arguing and conflict, stop arguing and trying to be right.

If you don’t like anger, stop acting and speaking with anger.

You can begin to be the one who makes the difference.

If you like peace and harmony, be peaceful.

If you like happiness, choose to be happy.

If you want positive relationship, make positive connections.

You can be the change you want to see.

If this sounds too easy, learn to manage your emotional state.

If this seems too good to be true, learn to be good to you.

If this is making it all simple, try it out and see how simply it works.

If you are open and willing, this is a great way to begin.

One step at a time, you will see the results.

One relationship at a time, you will get the outcome you want.

The best begets the best.

And you will learn to be patient and appreciate your own “givingness”.

We are here to learn from what we give.

We receive what we give with our thoughts, words and actions.

We get a direct reflection of our own consciousness and unconsciousness.

We learn what we have given and receive in like kind the thoughts we hold in mind.

If you want more, give more of the same.

If you want more love and joy ad peace, give them generously.

If you desire more, share what you desire.

Life is like a fountain of giving and receiving fully and freely.

Unlimited abundant flow is given unto us to use always for Goodness Sake.

Bless you for being the Unlimited Giver and fully receiving  the blessings you give.

Let us live safely and graciously,

Betty Lue