Wednesday, November 16, 2022



I listen to the still small voice inside.

I trust life is fun, safe and easy when I listen and follow.

I begin everyday listening for my inner guidance.

I ask for where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom?

Listen to your inner voice.

Not to your outer appetite.

Singing, chanting, praying, sitting, writing- all quiet your mind to listen within.

Remember that you really know what is good and right and true for you.

There is a place in you where you feel and know what is for the Good of you and All.

There is a place within you where you are aware of your Highest and Best.

There is a place within you that seeks always and only to love yourself and others. 

This place some call “conscience”.

Some call this inner knowing “intuition”.

Some call your inner voice “Spirit”.

Some may call it “Divine Wisdom”.

You can begin to listen.

You can practice daily.

You can be “Be still and Know”.

You can learn to follow your inner guidance.

Your outer desires may mislead you.

Your personal opinions may confuse you.

Your conflicting beliefs may distract you.

Learn to follow the calling of your heart.

In this world of advertising, we seek what is pleasing.

Where there is media, we are seduced and convinced.

When we listen to others, we may feel smothered.

Our past history may create drama and mystery.

We only need to hear what is ours.

We need to take care and listen to our inner voice.

To honor our heart is our sacred part to play.

We can be open and willing to listen everyday.

It is easier than we think because it comes deeper than our thoughts.

The feelings we have may come from fear or from love.

The voice we need to receive is the knowing that offers Good.

Seeing beneath what appears to be shows us healing and peace.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

Listen within in silence with faith..

Where do you go when you really don’t know?

Listen in quiet to the calling of your heart.

When you receive peace and understanding, you are there.

When you know what feels at home and in love, you really care.

When you trust you know which way to go, you are hearing what is true.

When you are “at home”: with yourself, you have found, your way to go.

Be open and willing to stop, listen within, and trust what you “know”.

Listening for the Highest Good of All.

Betty Lue