Friday, November 18, 2022

Take Care!

All of us are 'able to respond' with  compassion, respect, and listening.

All of us are responsible for our children, families and communities.

All of us can begin with healing our responses to those we live with.

We can care more, share more, do more to create the well being of All.


I am ready, willing and able to Love and create Good today.

I trust in the power of love to heal and transform all things.

I know together we are unlimited in our ability to create only Good.

I envision a world where all children will be loved, provided for and well-educated.

Take Care of All Children

Who is taking care of our children?

Who is supporting their parents?

Who is educating our families?

How are we going to create healthy communities?

Our families and children are at the foundation of our society.

When we do not have healthy families, we have a dysfunctional society.

When we have unhappy parents, we have unhappy children.

When our children are not happy, they do not thrive and dream and create good lives.

What can we do?

First begin with you.

Heal your own unhappy childhood.

Forgive what was unhealthy and learn a better way.

Educate yourself.

Read and observe healthy relationships.

Find a good role model and mentor.

Set your own goals following your highest values.

Get help when you know you need it.

Find positive teachers and counselors and new ideas when you are ready.

Listen to yourself and others to better understand and accept needed changes.

Always pay attention to your basic own basic needs and the needs of others.

Within your family system, acknowledge mistakes and limiting beliefs.

Make amends for your false teachings, hurtful words and behavior.

Commit to being a better role model, parent, partner and family member.

Choose to think, speak and act with integrity, demonstrating what you want to teach others.

It is imperative that we all take full responsibility for the mistakes and misbehavior we see.

It is essential that we commit to doing a better job within our family and our community.

It is helpful to listen to exactly what we say and do as we are speaking to others.

It is our responsibility to give our very best to one another, young and old.

Children listen to our phone calls and family interactions and copy us.

Children watch TV, movies, news and cartoons and copy what they see.

Families pass down dysfunctional habits and harmful behaviors.

It is time we stop, assess and make choices and changes for the benefit of all.

Thanks for being open and willing to listen, stop, look, forgive and choose again.

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue