Sunday, October 09, 2022

Love To Work!


I love to work and enjoy all I learn.

I value all I am given to do each day.

My life is filled with “plork”, playing/creating in my work.

The more I do, the more I enjoy my life.

Love What You Do!

If you are choosing to do what you do, it is best to enjoy it all.

If you are wanting to do something else, it is good to love it as well.

If you are longing to share what you love, enjoy what you are giving.

Whatever you do, create, share or experience, it is good to love it all.

Life is to be enjoyed.

Work or play, we are here to really love it all

If you are not ready to really enjoy something, seek its value to you.

Always value what you do, so you will do it well.

Easily transform what you do not enjoy.

Change it into something you feel good about.

Let someone else do it, if they enjoy doing it.

Change your attitude and find something you can appreciate about doing it.

Recognize that it is simply a change of mind that transforms our enjoyment.

Understand that all things have value, even if only to realize it is not valuable to you.

See how you can find a better way to think about it by affirming its value to you.

Let go of your negative feelings and create more positive feelings.

Begin to use affirmations to change your mind.

If negative thoughts stop you, positive thoughts will clear and erase what limits you.

It really works to change your mind with writing, saying and reading affirmations.

Use the simple tools you have to make your life work well.

When in doubt, turn your thoughts to trust.

When in fear, change your mind to Love.

When resentful, use the power of forgiveness.

When sad, look for all that brings joy.

You can easily turn your attention to what is good for you.

You can quickly focus on what is beautiful and true.

You can enjoy the beauty and goodness around you.

You can work with gratitude for an excellent completion.

There is always a way to use your mind for your own good.

You can find a way to be thankful for the talents you have.

There is a different way of seeing things with thankfulness.

 You can become the master of your thoughts and use them for Goodness sake.

Life is our learning laboratory.

Define what you want to achieve.

Design the path to mastery.

Enjoy the process of learning.

It is always for your benefit; to learn what is yours to do.

Enjoy the work you do.

Betty Lue