Saturday, October 08, 2022

Peace Begins Within


I feel happy and at peace with myself.

I choose to satisfy my real needs and wants.

I am grateful I give myself exactly what is right and best for me.

I love myself for living with moderation in all things.

Full Moon tomorrow 10/9 at 1:55 PDT

Peace of Mind

Are willing to be peaceful?

Are you willing to be kind?

Are you willing to be happy?

Are you willing to forgive?

Wherever we are, we can change our emotional state.

Whatever we are doing, we can undo our fear.

However we see our world, we can choose to find peace.

Whenever we want, we can let go of the past pain and regret.

Peace begins with changing our mind.

Love shines through when we relinquish our fear.

Happiness is natural when we delete complaint, regret and anger.

Forgiveness is a mental eraser filled with Love, Peace and Joy.

So many emotions are offered to us to feel and share and utilize.

So much conflict, confusion and criticism are offered to us and through us.

Many times we fluctuate between pain and joy, fear and love, hate and peace.

We can begin to master our own thoughts, feelings and behavior by choice.

Choosing to be peaceful is a gift we can give to our world.

Remembering to forgive and return to Love is simply a choice.

Trusting in our safety and security can be an easy path to peace.

Giving ourselves kindness, respect and appreciation brings inner peace.

Create a peaceful and loving environment in which to live and work.

Cooperation and harmony in relationships comes with the kindness we feel.

Living with grateful words and positive interaction makes us happy?

Letting go and learning to forgive is essential to be peaceful, joyful and kind.

Many have never experienced a peaceful mind.

For those who have never known how emotions can change, there must be practice.

For some there must be active work on undoing deleting and forgiving.

For most, repeated affirmations to change one’ mind is necessary.

“I choose Peace and let it show.

I choose Love and let it grow.

I choose Joy and all will know, 

Doing what comes naturally.”

Peace begins with me.

When you and I are peaceful in our thoughts, words and activity, the world around us feels our Peace.

We interact in ways that bring safety and security to others.

People feel free to express themselves and differences are respected.

With freedom and trust everyone understands how good it is to be happy, peaceful and loving.

Appreciating you in your choices to bring peace on earth and Good Will to All.

Betty Lue