Monday, October 10, 2022

May We Remember To Love!


I rest on the Power of Love for my safety.

I let go of fear and trust in what is Good and Whole and Loving.

I relinquish my need to defend myself and surround myself with Love.

I leave the past behind and trust in the purity of perfect Love.

Our Future Is Sustained by Love.

Your future is sustained by remembering to Love.

Your future is created by Love ItSelf.

Your future is what you predict and plan.

Your future is created and guided by You.

When we join in love, there is nothing we cannot do.

When we remember to care, we will always share.

When we do what is ours to be done, we experience our work as fun.

When we know how to give the best we have, together we build a future that is good for all.

Life can be more simple. No need to complicate.

We don’t need to add more to laugh and celebrate.

Keep it simple with just what we need.

Take care of the important things, to love, trust and be free.

When we know we are sustained by our love of Good, we remember to Love each other.

When we see our dreams as filled with the joy of love, we begin to clear unhappiness and fear.

When we undo the mis-creations and seek what is true, we are hopeful and see what is new. 

When we realize our function is to forgive what is false, we find our work has purpose and cause.

Our future is created, sustained and protected by what is loving and true.

Our future is built on what we each do.

We all play our parts to clear the way to All Good.

We live, work, play together for what reminds us to Love.

There is no better cause, nor purpose or way.

To plan and prepare for a future that gets better each day.

Give yourself the assignment of doing what is highest and best.

Live for a future that finds rest in love and living with trust.

We can do it together, when we love each other.

We can love each other, when we forgive our mistakes.

We can forgive all mistakes, when we know we have learned.

We learn easily what is best, when we stop trying to be right. 

Love is easy when we are undistracted by judgments and fears.

Love is natural when we comfort and support each other,

Love is safe when we learn not to judge and compare.

Love is fun, when we know it is always ours to share.

Fun, safe and easy: This is the Way.

Fun, safe and easy for work and for play.

Fun, safe and easy, this is the call.

Fun, safe and easy, for one and for all.

This is our future.  Love.

Loving you, Betty Lueys for your benefit; to learn what is yours to do.

Enjoy the work you do.

Betty Lue