Friday, September 02, 2022

Your Mind Is Yours To Run!


I have a mind which I am committed to use for Goodness, Wholeness and Love.

I use what is given to me to be useful for the Highest Good.

I trust my mind to guide me toward light and delight.

I quickly and easily forgive and release all that is not helpful for All.

Who Runs Your Mind?

Have you given your mind away?

Do you choose to think your own thoughts?

Are you the creator or recipient of your thoughts?

Do you know how to eliminate what you don’t want?

It may appear to some that the mind is in charge of our thinking!

Some believe the thoughts all belong to us.

Some attract thoughts which prove what they believe.

Some actually think all their thoughts must be right.

The programming of our minds is the same as on a computer.

Garbage in; Garbage out.

What you put in your mind will come out in your speech and behavior.

The body believes what your thoughts tell it to be.

If you watch the mind, you will see it regurgitates what is has been told and sold.

If you listen to your thoughts, you will hear what it has been taught and programmed.

If you like what you think and listen to and watch and believe, do nothing.

If you don’t like what you think and hear and watch and believe, delete.

The mind wants to be right.

The mind is programmed to make itself believable.

The mind values what it holds within its programs.

We have a mind, but we are not our mind.

Our mind is useful to us, when we guide it to the Highest Truth.

Our mind is valuable when we fill it with what we want.

Our mind holds our vision when we give it our vision.

Our mind is a gift when we fill it with inspiring information.

“Without Vision, the people will perish.”

When we have no higher vision or purpose, we try to maintain or sustain.

When we see no light, we lose our desire for delight.

When we are stalled, we malinger in fixing, correcting and having nothing more.

The flow of new ideas and inspiration must come from the highest within us.

To feed your mind with unimaginable vision of a greater purpose is our goal.

To fill ourselves with a vision of returning to peace and harmony is  our dream.

To being the best we are created to be is the way we walk and live in gratitude and grace.

How can you choose the direction your mind takes?

Can you today shape your destiny by giving your mind the goal?

Are you willing to let go of the dark and depressed thoughts and choose an enlightened path?

Do you know how to “dream the impossible dream” and let it lead you to lasting happiness?


Life is always showing us two uses of the mind: to condemn and correct or to affirm and accept.

The way we choose creates a path of consciousness.

The direction we assert is how our mind will take us.

We are here to use our mindfulness for the Good of All.

I love my mind for its usefulness.

 I value having mindfulness.

I enjoy the inspiration that guides my way.

Loving our co-vision for the Goodness, Wholeness and Peace.

Betty Lue