Thursday, September 01, 2022



I serve with the best I know.

I choose to love unconditionally, serve from my heart and remember Goodness in all.

My life is filled with the joy of being truly helpful.

I teach and facilitate trusting and freeing ourselves to be of service.

How Do You Serve?

We are here not to be servants, but to be of service.

We are here to give love, and not to try to get love.

We are here to serve the best, because we all deserve the best.

We are here to contribute, give, teach, counsel, build, protect, work and serve.

How do you serve everyday?

What values do you serve?

Where are you of service?

When do you step up to serve?

We can serve those who are in need and teach them to be helpful.

We can serve our country and its highest and most helpful values.

We can serve our elders and our children and value them with our caring.

We can serve ourselves by trusting, respecting and appreciating ourselves.

To be of “service” is to “serve us”.

We can best serve by giving, valuing, helping, and leaving a legacy of goodness and kindness.

We can serve by sharing what we have with others to inspire them to do the same.

When we all remember to love unconditional and serve from the heart, all will feel safe and happy.

We can serve by smiling and saying simply “thanks”.

We can serve by cleaning up after ourselves….at home, at work, in the environment.

Leave every place a little better than the way we found it is a simple act of service.

Public restrooms, our cars, picnic areas, where we work and live, especially our homes need our service.

How do you serve daily? 

We can get up being thankful and setting a positive intention.

We can stop saying everything on our mind and speak only what is helpful and kind.

“If you cannot say something kind, don’t say anything at all.”

Are you respectful driving on the highways?

Do you treat your spouse and children with kindness?

Are you helpful to your family and friends when they ask?

Do you open doors, reach out with kindness and offer help to those in need?

Are you teaching your children to be helpful and of service?

Do your teens know how much you value their help?

Are you aware everyone notices if you serve with joy or resentment?

Do those who serve you receive your sincere appreciation?

We teach by being of service and by valuing any act of service.

When we serve another, we are truly service ourselves.

When we serve ourselves with our best, we are in service to others.

What is best for us, is best for others, when we remember to always give our best.

May we all serve the highest Good in the most healthy and helpful ways.

Let us teach others to serve themselves so they may become of service to others.

Let us remember to be of service contributing with gratitude and joy.

Loving us all for being the gifts that keep on giving.

Betty Lue