Sunday, September 04, 2022



I enjoy the work I do.

My work is a blessing to me and to all humanity.

I am willing and able to make a difference every day in every way.

Life is fun, safe and easy when I do the work that is mine to do.

Are You Willing to Work?

Whatever happened to enjoying work?

What is wrong with work?

Do you equate work with lower class?

Have you expected others to do it for you?

Anything you want is worth working for!

When you work for a goal, you will feel pleased with the result.

When you let others do the work, you won’t really care as much.

When you are willing to put some time, energy and resources into it, you will benefit more.

Some people work on playing hard and looking good. 

Some people play hard and look good and let others do the work.

Some kids and adults expect their parents to work and let them relax.

When do we stop relying on the elders or the government or our money work for us?

What happens, when there is no one there to take out the trash or pay the bills?

What happens when everyone is watching TV, texting, hanging out on the internet or just sleeping?

When do we become responsible for our selves, our homes, our bills and our lives?

Is our laziness, carelessness and dependency the downfall of our culture and society?

I am willing to work.

Are You?

I enjoy what I do.

Do You?

I am grateful I can contribute.

Are you?

I love making each day count.

I respect my family, my work, my home, my life.

I value what I do for a living.

I use my time, energy and money wisely.

Waste not, want not.

I waste nothing I have, therefore I always have what I need.

Without a reason, there will be no motivation.

I motivate myself by seeing the value of what I do everyday.

Do you have a reason to work?

Are you taking care of yourself?

Have you quit on life?

Do you see any value in creating a good life for you and your loved ones?

Is your head clear and your house clean?

Is your language, behavior and lifestyle respectful of you?

Do you dress, talk and live like you value yourself?

Do you care about your body and mind, home and finances, values and contributions?

Work on yourself with Love.

Work on your relationships with respect.

Work on your family life with appreciation.

Work on handling what you have earned with consciousness and honesty.

You deserve to discover the joy of really working on what makes a difference in your life!

You will realize how much you are loved when you work on loving yourself.

I am loving you and me and all humanity every day…..even on holidays there is work to do!!

Betty Lue

Work on Being Happy.

Work on showing Appreciation.

Work on Taking Care of Yourself.

Work on Being Your Best Everyday.