Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How Does Your Life Work For You?


This is my life and I choose to live my way.

I choose a life of profound love and joy.

I never quit on love.

I choose to give and receive only Good everyday.

Does Your Life Work for You?

The real question is:

Do You Do the work to create the Life You Want?

Are you willing to be wholly responsible for your life?

Are you choosing what you really want to have?

Do you stay where you are not wanted?

Do you do what feels negative and hurtful?

Do you allow yourself to indulge in what is unhealthy?

Are you spending your time, energy and money on what has limited or temporary value?

Are you creating what is good rather than tolerating what is bad?

Do you cling to what was comfortable rather than choose what is life-giving?

Are you longing for what is better instead of living for what is good right now?

Do you depress yourself with past history rather than inspire yourself with future victory?

Are you learning and growing?

Are you healing and helping?

Are you believing and understanding?

Are you challenging and overcoming?

What are you doing with your life?

Each person has our own journey meant to awaken and expand our consciousness.

We have opportunities to stay on the high way or take detours and get distracted.

We can be seduced, kidnapped, punished and suffer or arise from the ashes of destruction.

Our lives are the canvas on which we paint our own reality story.

Our choices empower us to have and be and do what is right and true for us.

We can decide to enjoy our experience. master our challenges and own our successes. 

What shall it be for you?

You have what you are able to learn from.

You have as much as you can master.

You have what you can handle.

You have what you have asked for!

What do you choose to do with your life?

Are you victimizing yourself and quitting?

Are you letting others tell you how to live?

Are you willing to be the authority and “author” of your life?

Your life is an amazing unlimited gift.

You have examples of others overcoming obstacles.

You know you have it in you.

Time to choose to live fully and freely and let others live their own way.

Live today wisely and well as your gift to you!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue