Monday, September 19, 2022



I create my home a place of peace and beauty.

I honor myself and my family with a happy home.

I treat myself and everyone as a welcome guest in my home.

I love to listen to the quiet many times during the day.

Set the Tone in Your Home!

Home is meant to be a SAFE place.

Home is meant to be a peaceful happy place.

Home is meant to be what renews us every day.

Your Home is meant to be a Place of Love.

When you come home from work, you want to feel welcome.

When you come home from school, you want to feel loved.

When you come home from traveling, you want to feel safe.

When you come home, you want to know this is where you can be yourself.

Home must feel comfortable, clean and harmonious.

When home has good sights and sounds, people feel comfortable.

When home allows us to rest and renew ourselves, people want to be at home.

When home is the place where we are heard, loved and respected, everyone loves being at home.

The Tone in the Home usually is set by the Mother.

Mothers usually are the “home"maker and the mood setter. (even when she works!)

When Mama is happy, everyone is happy.

When the mother treats herself, others and her home with love and respect, others learn to respect her.

When we learn to greet people with love and appreciation, others learn to follow.

When we treat ourselves with kindness, we remember to treat others with kindness.

When we flow with life’s changes and problems, others learn how to do the same.

When we are respectful, responsible and cooperative with our family members, others learn too!

Simple guidelines:

 “Respect for one another’s individual needs.”

Beauty inside and outside.

Bedrooms feeling quiet, relaxing and comfortable…..ready to sleep.

Bathrooms clean and tidy, ready to clean and clear the days stuff.

Kitchen bright and light, open and ready to prepare food that feels healthy and energizing.

Living areas uncluttered and easy to relax and enjoy one another without feeling like working.

Everyone has their own private space somewhere in the home, garage, closet, room, etc.

Quiet time and happy time in family areas, depending on the activities.

Headsets for noisy music, videos and TV.

Yelling and running outside.

No swearing, threatening or hurtful language.

Gentle happy sounds and music

Conversations respectful and encouraging.


The one who keeps the home together is responsible for setting the tone.

Preferably sharing not arguing.

Shared home care written and reminders, not telling or demanding.

Find out what people want to give to do to be truly helpful.

Use rewards not punishment to encourage cooperative behavior.

Set the tone by first giving yourself what you want and need.

From your own awareness you will see what works best for you and everyone.

The home is the place people want to gather, to renew and enjoy one another.

Take the time to create a tone in your home that is beautiful, happy and loving.

Loving us all for being happy in our homes,

Betty Lue