Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Plan and Prepare


I plan on being happy everyday.

I prepare myself for amazing wonderful loving experiences.

I plan on learning from everyone and everything.

I prepare to be open and willing to listen, share and care.

Plan and Prepare.

Plan to learn and enjoy every day.

Prepare to be flexible, open and willing.

Plan to be present giving your best.

Prepare to respond to all things with kindness.

Plan to experience new opportunities.

Prepare to expand your thoughts.

Plan to be forgiving and allowing.

Prepare to speak up when important.

Plan to explore different perceptions.

Prepare to be surprised and amazed.

Plan to be truly helpful.

Prepare to stretch your capability.

Plan to be challenged and questioned.

Prepare to speak with confidence and integrity.

Plan to stay open to others.

Prepare to be confused and perplexed.

Plan to know what you are doing.

Prepare to change when needed.

Plan to be clear and communicative.

Prepare to be quiet and listen to another.

And always be willing to change your plans.

Be prepared to use what you have. 

Be clear minded and willing to change.

Be focused and committed and flexible when needed.

When you are planning to relax, be prepared to work.

When you are planning to work, be prepared to relax.

The more we are awake and aware, the more we enjoy the ride.

The roller coaster of life is often what keeps us on our toes.

Are you willing to be flexible and flow with the changes?

Life keeps up awake so we can utilize our gifts and resources.

Life challenges us to stay awake and not get comfortable.

Comfort yields complacency and lack of appreciation.

Be prepared to receive wakeup calls and know they are always good for you.

Stay on your toes and expect miraculous opportunities to learn and teach something good.

Be alert to the amazing value of life and its adventures.

Love yourself with patience, kindness and respect.

I plan on always loving you.

I prepare myself by loving me.

Thanks for planning and preparing to be the Love You Are,

Betty Lue

Four Agreements.

Make No Assumptions. 

Keep Your Agreements. 

Take Nothing Personally. 

Always Give Your Best.

By Don Miguel Ruiz

Do what allows you to feel good about You.