Sunday, September 18, 2022



I step away from frustration and choose direction.

I step away from past commiseration and choose appreciation.

I undo what I no longer want to be true and choose what is True for Me.

I turn over the past and plant the future for myself.

Turn It Over!

When you are stressed, turn it over.

When you are afraid, turn it over.

When you are lost, turn it over.

When you are lonely, turn it over.

Turn it over to what?

Where do I turn?

What do I do?

How do I turn it over?

Turn from darkness.

Turn toward the Light.

Turn from the past. 

Turn toward the present.

Turn over the fear.

Look for the Love.

Turn over the confusion.

Look for the clarity.

Turn your mind from what hurts.

Seek what brings you Joy.

Stop what is bad.

Seek only for Good.

When we seek what we want to be, do and have, we stop doing what is not what we want!

When we highlight on our fears, upsets and problems, we can exaggerate their shadow.

When we use our flashlight to find the fun, safety and ease, we begin to see the way.

When we try to do it all by ourselves, we often get lost in our self-made dilemma.

Turn it all over to Goodness, what some call God, Universe, Higher Power.

Give up your own limited thinking and anxious beliefs.

Build a bridge over troubled waters and gently ease your way across.

Come home to what supports, nurtures and nourishes, loves and cares for you.

Peace to your mind.

Love in your heart.

Health in your body.

Joy in your Spirit.

Loving you for loving you.

Turn it over and seek the Light in You.

Loving us all in turning it over to the Love We Are.

Betty Lue