Monday, August 22, 2022

You Are Gifted!


I easily learn from everything and everyone.

I respect my choice in what I give and receive.

I am open and willing to change my mind.

I trust myself to choose what is right and true for me.

Everything Is Gift

Are you willing to see things differently?

Are you open to know that all things work together for Good?

Can you imagine that what seems the worst will later be helpful?

Have you actually looked for the blessings throughout your whole life?

The moment we judge something as awful, we will continue to look for the bad.

When we are open to see some benefit to us, we begin to see the light.

The darkness, judgment and fear in our minds, closes off perceptions of healing and learning.

Our willingness to see things differently will open the clouds and seek what is enlightened.

The birth of every child is a gift of amazing miraculous proportions.

We have a body and a mind here to be a gift and blessing for others.

Our family of origin and schooling have given us opportunities to learn.

We are here to discover the difference of being a fault-finder or love-finder.

We have can look toward others to teach us and forget what we are here to teach.

We can listen to our own heart and freely express the natural love and gratitude within us.

We can expect miracles or expect struggles and see out what we expect.

We have the ability to give and receive all the good we desire and deserve.

Gifts arrive everyday when we open our eyes and ears to receive the beauty.

We can watch the sunrise and open our eyes to enjoy the passing clouds, the rain and the sky.

We can open our heart and mind to feel the warmth of our own loving ways.

And when we have the opportunity to feel gratitude and what we appreciate expands.

We can seek for beauty and goodness and find it in a smile, a touch, a kind word.

We can also choose to clean up the unkindness by changing the direction of our perception.

We have choice to feel blessed or cursed. 

 We can use our voice to say “no” to what we do not want to receive.

All gifts do not bless everyone.

Each individual values what is available differently.

We have the freedom to choose what we value.

We can receive and give what is right for us.

Learning from what we do not want is a gift, the freedom of choice.

We can learn to feel safe honoring what we want and do not want.

We can look beneath the beliefs and see what is right and true for us.

We can open the window of our mind and heart see truly what is gift.

Everything is a teacher.

All things are lessons to learn.

Everything can be an experience of learning.

We can learn to enjoy and fully appreciate and expand what is Gift for us and from us.

You are a Gift for me.  May I also be a Gift for you.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

“I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. 

I woke and I saw that life is all service. 

I served and I saw that service is joy.” 

Kahlil Gibran