Sunday, August 21, 2022

Your Life!


I love my life and life loves me.

Everything I have experienced has value.

I expand my abilities with my willingness to see it all.

I use all I have learned to teach and share.

This Is Your Life!

You volunteered to be here.

You choose how to do or undo your life.

You decide what you want and experience it as you have asked.

Your intention is more powerful than you words or actions.

Be clear you are in charge.

Be honest about what you do with what you have.

Be willing to notice what you are thinking and imagining.

Be aware of your words and their impact and influence.

Life is a dynamic and ever-changing experience.

You can choose or change anything and everything.

You have the natural power to delete, undo and transform it all.

You can edit, take credit, create and dissolve what you choose.

Embrace or deny this is your life.

You can easily go to sleep or step away.

You can also choose to step up and be real.

 You can forgive the fear and choose again.

Everyone has the power of choice.

Everyone can seek clarity and education.

Everyone can change their perception.

Everyone can choose a different direction.

We have natural God Given Power Tools.

We need to know they belong to us.

There is no price to pay for what we have.

The only cost is to feel guilt for not using them.

Life is an exploration and experimentation.

Nothing is guaranteed or pre-destined.

We have infinite do-overs to learn from it all.

It is ours to do and choose to explore and do again.

We can love and learn the lessons of love.

We can hate and learn the lessons of hate.

We can celebrate with gratitude and curse to feel worse.

We can choose to be expressive or depressive.

All is within us to choose.

It is by our choice that we give voice.

And what we share, we can fully receive.

All of life is to learn not to deceive.

Appreciating our birthright, to be or not to be.

Betty Lue is always Loving us all!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue