Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Caring Is Essential!


It is safe, fun and easy to always care.

Life feels really important when I care.

I care about what really matters.

I forgive myself for withholding how much I care.

Caring Is Essential!

Time to care more and share more.

Withholding our compassion diminishes our passion.

Holding in what we feel, is blocking our life energy.

When we know what is right for us, we will do what is right for all.

Let’s remember our innocence, when we did what we felt was right!

Let’s live from our inner sense and get what our conscience shows us.

Let’s act like all life and all people matter, because they do!

Even if they don’t matter to you, they matter to someone.

When you want others to care for you, remember to care for them.

When you want others to care for those you love, always care for those they love.

When you want others to care for others, make sure you are caring for all.

Caring requires the best in us to feel and give blessings of gratitude and peace.

Giving more is always the key to caring.

Give more of what is real and lasts over time.

Give more of what matters to you and makes your life just fine.

Give more understanding, acceptance and grace.

Life can be challenging, frustrating and downright harsh.

If not one cares to give, it will get worse.

If everyone cares and gives, it will totally get better….quick.

If you and I give, it will improve daily right where we are!!

So let’s pick up the slack and give all we’ve got.

Let’s do what feels good to us and care for what matters.

Let’s remember our will and open our heart to care.

Let’s be daring with our caring and choose no matter what.

Let no one and nothing stop us from feeling we care.

Let nothing prevent us from saying: Good Day!

Let the world begin to change as we change our mind.

Let’s look for the light and celebrate the sunny days.

Caring is Essential.

Caring gives reason for being.

Caring is what gives our life meaning.

Caring is our natural state of learning and Love.

I care about you and your family.

I care about me and all humanity.

I care about listening and learning to live with love.

I care about always remembering to respond with the Love in me.

Caring is essential to feel and fuel our lives.

Let’s remember to care about each other.

I care about you!

Betty Lue