Monday, August 29, 2022



I choose to listen and learn to know more.

What I see that calls for attention is mine to respond to with respect..

The more I know, the more I can do to be truly helpful.

I give the best I know to all calls for help and healing.

What Do You Do with Negativity?

You can ignore what seems negative.

You can listen and try to understand.

You can join the negative with your own.

You can try to fix it or change it.

You can forgive what seems negative.

You can listen and let it go and move on.

You can avoid negative experiences.

You can resist and be negative about what is negative.

You can embrace, accept and transform.

Negative thoughts and feelings are all around us.

Thought forms exist even when not expressed.

Thoughts tempt us even if not acted on.

We all see, hear and feel negative influences.

We are all invited to choose how to react or respond.

We can react with fear and try to get rid or agree.

We can respond with forgiveness and compassion.

We can educate with love and helpfulness.

Perhaps it is time to stop sublimating and learn to listen.

It may be time to acknowledge what seems to be.

It may be your time to step forward and offer help.

For some it is a time to translate with a new perception.

I hear a call for help in negativity.

I feel a desire to look and listen deeper.

I see a need for a new way of seeing.

I listen outside and within to what is the deeper need.

Usually people, children and infants cry out for help.

They may be complaining, moaning or acting out.

Adolescents often rebel or talk back or break rules.

Adults may just disperse hatred, threats and violence.

How we respond determines the outcome we experience.

We can react with our own resistance and threats.

We can respond with an openness to listen for what is really there.

We can demonstrate safety and caring and dare to be helpful.

There are many requests for help right now in our lives!

How we respond or react is our choice.

We have a right to explore and experiment.

When we have the way that is ours, we have what is right for us.

Doing nothing is always an option.

We will continue to be confronted or disturbed until we find our own right way to respond.

When we discover and choose what is ours to do, we have our mission and purpose.

When we live and give what is ours to give, we find serenity and inner peace.

Be grateful to do, pray, teach, forgive and respond in your own right way to what is negative.

Loving us in our unique calling and journey to inner peace.

Betty Lue