Tuesday, August 30, 2022



I trust my inner knowing and guidance.

I do what works for me.

I live by the laws of forgiveness and love.

I honor my differences and yours.

Honor Your Own Differences.

Do what is right and true for you.

Honor your own wisdom and truth.

Relinquish the need to convince others.

Stop complaining and explaining.

There is no need to convince anyone of what you know is true for you.

There is no need to try to get others to believe what you see and feel and know.

There is no need to get agreement or understanding when you trust yourself.

There is no need to be ‘Right” when believe in what is right for you.

Everyone perceives through their own emotional and historical (sometimes hysterical) filters.

Everyone has their own unique healing and learning journey in life.

Everyone is doing the best they know with where they are.

Everyone has their own challenges, mistakes, regrets and inner wisdom.

Opinions are just opinions based on what each one sees and believes to be right.

Facts are just our perception of what we see to be facts, but seen differently by others.

Advice is always given through our own lens of archived knowledge, experience and beliefs.

What is true and right for one is often not true and right for another.

How do we know and own our differences?

When easily influenced by parents, teachers, books and media, we may not have our own “truth”.

When comparing, exploring and seeking for answers, we may choose to try out different ways.

When we do not know what is right and true, what we do is seek the one who seems to know.

Dare, do, listen and be silent.

No need to convince anyone of your choices.

If what you choose works, do it for yourself.

If what you do is right for you, you will know it by how you feel inside.

Abide by your own right way.

Live true to your inner voice.

Honor what feels good and whole.

Be true to the Real and authentic you.

No one to please.

No one to answer to.

Nothing to prove.

So observe what works best for you.

Trusting you to listen to your own conscience and inner guide.

Those who are true to what is right for themselves will succeed.

Blessings to the wisdom that comes from what works.

Betty Lue