Sunday, August 28, 2022

Always Learning!


I thoroughly enjoy a life of freedom and trust.

I see everyone as living the best they know.

I trust, respect and appreciate our differences.

I see everyone as here to learn and grow, heal and know.

Willing to Learn!

I am learning how much I do not know.

I am learning about humanity and how much we all do not know.

I am learning how to share with those who want to know.

I am learning I cannot make assumptions and take anything personally.

I am learning because I want to learn.

I am learning because I am open and willing.

I am learning because I listen and care.

I am learning because to learn is to become all I am here to be.

I am learning how different we all are from one another.

I am learning how similar we are to one another.

I am learning how much wiser we become when we learn.

I am learning how what the younger generation has learned from their elders.

What are you learning today?

How do we know what to believe and disbelieve?

How can we tell what is right and what is wrong?

How do we undo what is no longer true for us?

Why is there no teacher that professes ever changing learning?

How do we keep up with the ongoing learning and unlearning?

How do we know what is real and what is made up?

Learning more is the key to fearing less and loving more.

It also seems helpful to delete any falsehoods we have learned.

We are encouraged to change our beliefs as we discover what seems true.

Perhaps we are simply being invited to listen within to what know is true at the time.

When I interact with different people, young and old, educated and not, I hear different truths.

It seems the best I can do is learn what each generation and gender, culture and ideology believes.

I can come to know my own heart and make up my mind to what is true for me at the time.

I enjoy life more and have more meaningful relationships when I allow others to believe what they will.

As I am called to share my way of believing and living, I respect and appreciate who is listening.

My intention is not to offend, preach or change another, but rather to share another perception.

I feel strongly about my own path and practice and share what is mine to share with others.

I trust and free others to believe and practice what is their path to learn and grow, heal and know more.

Life is for giving ourselves with Love and respect.

May it always be received as gift, for so it is.

Remember to Learn First and then Be Helpful!

I am always learning how to be more helpful!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue