Monday, August 15, 2022

Live Right Now!!


My life is good and getting better day by day!

I love life and life loves me.

Why not just go for it everyday?

I am fully present here and now.

Live Right Now!

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Make each day the best day you know how.

Do what is right and true for you every day.

Give to yourself and to others what inspires.

Take a breath and move into the moment.

Bring all of you, mind, body and Spirit to the Now.

Give your attention to what has heart and meaning for you.

Notice and affirm all that you want to see and be.

It is your focus, your sight and insight that highlights your vision.

It is your choice, your voice and inherent realization that makes it so.

It is what you do with what you see that draws attention and increase.

It is your forgiveness and erasing with love that helps thing dissolve.

When you know you can appear and disappear is yours to choose, you will feel able to respond.

When you realize by the power of your choice, you are creating the world you see.

When you are called to forgive what is not true for you and choose what is, you will be free.

It is your freedom and trust that all things work together for good which is made real.

Can you feel the possibility of making your life good, beautiful and whole for you?

Are you able to pause long enough to see the creativity in your thought, words and activity?

Are you willing to be responsible for how you experience what you see and imagine?

Are you open to using the inherent powers of creation to create the life you want to be?

It is our vocation to learn to live in love.

It is our work to learn to give what we want to receive.

It is our mission to be what we want to be daily.

It is our lifelong calling to do what is ours purposefully always for the Good of All.

You have the power to do great things.

You have the power to have the Joy you want.

You have the power to live the life that fulfill you.

You have the power to awaken yourself and your world.

What does it take to be awake?

What is the purpose of living consciously?

What do you choose when given absolute freedom?

What can you trust but the commitment to Love within You?

I am Loving us all right now!

Betty Lue