Sunday, August 14, 2022

Love Well and Live Well!


I love well and live well.

My life works well because I love!

I forgive myself for withholding love.

I easily and freely share all the Good I have.

Love Well and Live Well!

How you love, you will be living.

It is by our consciousness of love that we choose to remember to love others.

It is with love for others that we begin to recognize how well love works.

It is with love for ourselves that we realize how fun, safe and easy to live well.

Indeed, most people do not realize that loving, living and learning all seem to increase one another.

Many live unconsciously, unaware and sleeping through their lives.

When people are unaware, they do not recognize a life without love is difficult and often fearful.

It is with love in us that we begin to experience the goodness and richness life offers.

Take time to pause and enjoy your life right now and right here.

Say “thanks” to each one who comes to show you the way.

Some show you how to love and some show how not to love.

Everyone has a gift to give and receive.

When we are learning to love, we know we can do better.

We listen to what each person or child needs or wants to receive.

We watch what works and doesn’t work.

We can easily see the call for love with those who need to experience love from us.

Loving well requires that we have love for ourselves.

Loving well asks that we access the love within us.

Loving well invites us to choose to love no matter what.

Loving well shows us how to love with words, thoughts and behaviors.

When you lack in love, surround yourself with people that are loving.

When you need love and affirmation, join groups, read books and listen to music that inspire love.

When you forget to love, give yourself daily reminders of how to love yourself and others.

When you deny or withhold love, practice regular forgiveness for withholding love.

Life truly is a gift of love, when you are open and receptive.

Life teaches us to be love, when we are ready to learn the lessons.

Life is an experimental laboratory, in loving and not loving. 

Life is a clear reflection of the effectiveness of loving and living well.

Enjoy the life you have and love it well.

Appreciate the love you have and live it well.

I love and appreciate YOU,

Betty Lue