Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Birth Day Reminders


I love my whole Self.

I value my life.

I appreciate the Love I AM.

My life glows and grows with each passing day.

Everyday Celebration

Why celebrate every year?

Why do a birthday song and dance?

Why treat yourself special?

Why not?

If you are not wholly loving you, How will you remember Who You Are?

If you do not pay attention to yourself, How will you know Why You Are Here?

If you do not take impeccable care of You, How will you fully Be The Gift You Are To Share?

If you are not your own best Friend, How will you listen to the songs in your heart?

This is my Re-Birth Day, a day of reminders of the Gift of Life I am given.

This day and every day is my opportunity to receive what I have been given by the Source of my Being.

I honor my parents who rejoiced at the Gift of God’s Love they saw in me and every child born on earth.

I was taught and shown that they were my “temporary guardians” here to guide me with Love.

When I realize the inner reSource from which we come gives us daily guidance, I feel loved.

When I practice inner listening and following, I know I am safe.

When I fully appreciate the joy of life well lived, I trust “All is well”.

When I live with forgiveness, choice and gratitude, I am free to be,

All life is special for and with us all together. 

When we see everyone as special, important and essential to the Whole of Humanity, we trust.

When we treat one another with the love and respect we have for ourselves, we are at peace.

When we live each day with integrity, living the highest values and ethics, we are confident.

Life engages us to be joined in love throughout life’s journey to what is Good for us all.

Life offers abundant opportunities to learn from everyone we encounter.

Life joins us in the celebration of the moment with conscious care and presence.

Life is our teacher as we are willing to listen and learn, laugh and let go.

How long do we celebrate our birth?

Every day is another choice to live and fully be.

Every day is a time of gracious giving and receiving.

Every day is my day and your day to fully enjoy the life we have.

Let us be glad and rejoice!!

Loving you and me and everyone we see,

Betty Lue

Every Loving Reminder is a prayer of Love for all Humanity.

Thank for joining with me as you read and reflect on them.

Every affirmation you acknowledge is a prayer.

Thank you for seeing the power of Positive thought.

Every time you trust with affirming thoughts, you are sending your prayer.

Thank you for believing!