Monday, August 08, 2022

Greatest Gift For Me


I trust you to do what is right for you.

I believe we all learn best from the choices we make and their outcome.

I free everyone to fully actualize their potential their own way.

I trust us to learn from our own mistakes and find a better way to live. 

The Greatest Gift I Have Received.

I was trusted.

I was given freedom.

By parents, family, friends and everyone I remember.

I was loved with trust and freedom.

I experienced respect for my thoughts, feelings and choices.

I was trusted and believed in, given encouragement to make my own choices.

I was not praised or criticized: I was simply loved and trusted.

In every meaningful relationship, I was given the freedom to be and do, as I was born to do.


I do the same for others.

This is my gift for myself and for you.

I trust you to be as you are called to be.

I do not expect you to do or be anything other than what is true for you.

I can remember a few times when I have tried to get someone to do what I wanted.

At 3 years old, I wanted my baby brother to let me push him in the baby carriage.

At 14 years, I tried to get my parents to pray more as a family, like I learned at a youth conference. 

At 23, I can remember trying to tell other pregnant women to have natural child birth.

I learned quickly it made others feel judged, pushed and expected to do things my way.

It made me unhappy that I caused others to feel judged and criticized by me.

It felt foolish to expect others to follow my path to happiness and freedom.

Over the years I have recognized again and again that everyone needs to trust and free themselves.

What is it that you need to trust in you?

How do you need to free yourself?

Where have you withheld your own calling?

How can you believe in yourself?

Life has opportunities to come and go, to do or not do.

How do you choose what sets you free?

Are you living what others want, expect or encourage?

Are you doing what is yours to do without needing approval?

Consider what you can do today to believe in your own choices.

How can you best honor your own inner voice and your heart’s desire?

Are you willing to trust and free yourself to fully experience your own good life?

Trust in you and believe in you. 

Free yourself to live your life in the way that is good and true for you.

Trust yourself to follow your own path, purpose and destiny.

Determine what works best for you.

Free your Self to listen and follow your heart.

You will have no regrets when you trust what is right and true for you.

I love you, free you and trust you to fully be YOU!

Betty Lue