Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Do What Can You Do


With Good in my heart, I can do all things.

I intend always to bring Love into my world.

My life is devoted to make this world a better place.

I use everything as a wakeup call to do good wherever I can.

What Can You Do?

What about the people who are suffering and afraid?

What about the people who are under someone else’s authority?

What can we do to be helpful to the sick and impoverished?

What can we do to change our world and its people for the better?

We can do more than feel sorry.

We can do more than send prayer.

We can do more than give money.

We can do more.

Everyday we can make our world better.

In every way we can be more respectful.

With everyone we can listen more to their real need.

In all circumstances we can fully give our very best.

This will mean different thoughts, words and behavior to each one of us.

It means we must see who is on our path and in our hearts and minds.

It means we must be able to respond with genuine caring and sharing.

It means we must be open and willing to listen to what they request.

For some it means, listen and understand your crying child.

It may mean greeting the one who comes home from work with a clean house and good meal.

It may mean loving yourself well with a long hot bath or extra sleep at night.

It may mean you stop cursing the drivers who are crazy and raging on the highway.

We each have many things we can do.

Volunteer in your neighborhood school.

Clean up garbage wherever you see it.

Stop swearing and watching violent TV.

Give to the Red Cross or local YMCA.

Loan money to KIVA.com for small businesses around the world.

Keep your own home and yard clean.

Show everyone respect and good manners.

Stop drinking/smoking so much and start living healthy.

Talk to your local politicians about what you want.

Stop listening to propaganda and do the research for yourself.

Vote this November for whom your conscience tells you.

For some it means going on a mission to build homes or wells in other countries.

For others it means sending an AFS student abroad.  

For many it means being the voice of Peace and supporting peace projects.

For me it means all of these things and more.

I am here to Love through every thought, word and action I take my whole life.

Trusting we can our do our part with wisdom and Love,

Betty Lue