Sunday, August 07, 2022

Born To Love


We are created to create.

We are loved into being so we remember to Love.

We are here to be truly helpful and happy.

I am open and willing to always do what I do with Love.

You Are Born to Love.

When you love, you are happier.

When you love, you are more open.

When you love, you feel more accepting.

When you love, you feel more connected.

When you withhold Love, you are more afraid.

When you withhold Love, you are closed.

When you withhold love, you feel judgmental.

When you hold back love, you feel disconnected.

What if every child is born to love.

What if at birth (or in utero) we begin to feel safe or afraid.

What if each being becomes aware of what is expected to thrive and/or survive.

What if we take our cues from the sounds and sights and experiences we have.

Consider the possibility that Creator, Higher Power, Universal Force intends Good & Love.

Consider that Love ItSelf Created you and created you to be loving.

Consider that when you Love or Create Good, that you are in alignment and connected with Love.

Consider that when you choose what is not Love or Good, that you feel out of integrity and “guilty”.

If we are born to Love, why not simply Love?

If we are born to do good, why not simply do Good? 

There are many who see themselves as born to love……..

How about Loving??

Loving cooking? 

Loving art? 

Loving sports? 

Loving winning? 

Loving meditation?

How about Loving?

Loving teaching, 

Loving learning?

Loving nature?

Loving listening?

Loving Helping?

Loving cleaning?

Were you born to love …







Are you willing to Love You enough to do what you Love to do and be?

I Am always Loving you,

Betty Lue