Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bored or Focused?


 I value my time and use it for Good.

I spend time on what I value.

I use my time daily to create more Love in my world.

I experience time as an invaluable commodity.

Waste No Time.

There is no time to be bored.

There is no time to waste.

There is no time to be discouraged.

There is no time to be lazy.

Life is filled with opportunity and challenge.

Our family and friends need us. 

The environment needs us to be awake.

Politics call us to be conscious and creative.

Nothing is fixed or stuck unless we so choose.

Everything can be changed with a change of choice.

We each have a responsibility to do something!

Are you willing to get up and be the change?

What are you doing to make the world a better place for you?

How are you influencing those around you? 

How are you using your time to do good?

Are you claiming ignorance, innocence or unwillingness?

Have you become dependent on being entertained?

Are you a passive observer in the audience of life?

Do you choose to live in the fantasy of unreality?

Have you stepped away from the needs in your world?

We may see adolescents and young adults as wasting time.

Is it that they copy the adults in their life being unfocused and living without purpose? 

Do our youth perceive the value of caring, sharing and goals to be accomplished?

Are we aware that our thoughts, words and activities are being copied by our youth? 

When we use our time wisely, we feel fulfilled and confident.

When we use our time for meaningful activities, we feel purposeful and focused.

When we use our time for expressing love, we feel kind and helpful.

When we use our time to inspire ourselves and others, we feel energized and enthusiastic.

This seems obvious, but many don’t understand how to use their time for their desired outcome.

Set your intentions and then use your time to create and appreciate what you intend.

Recognize what you really want and focus your mind and time on experiencing what you want.

Be grateful that you are always in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.

What can you do to fill your time wisely?

Everyday there are so many meaningful and purposeful choices we can make.

Enjoy yourself every moment.

Life is filled with beautiful healthy and creative options.

Love yourself well.

Betty Lue

Dear full moon friends,

Our full moon thought for August 11

What eventful times! It goes back and forth, up and down, and haywire. And yet, some of us had secretly harbored the wish that it could calm down a little – quite the opposite is the case. It is unsurprising that many are feeling pressure or tension and are looking for ways to find inner balance, amidst the turbulence. So where to start? The distinction alone, between what is around us and what is within us gives rise to many possibilities. Because even if it doesn’t appear easy at times, we can change what lies within us. A small first step can move a universe …

The exact time of the next full moon is:

Moon sign: Aquarius 19° 21'

Thursday * 11 August 2022 * 6:35:48 pm (PDT)