Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Celebrate The Good


Life is Good and Getting Better.

I smile at myself and others with easy Blessings.

I lift others' spirits by remaining positive.

I rejoice in sharing the Goodness I feel.

Celebration of Goodness

What do we do to celebrate the Good in our lives?

How do you express your Gratitude and Joy?

What do you say to others?

How does it show?

Is there a smile wherever you go?

Do you sing out for joy?

Are you willing to really feel appreciation?

Is there a sense of awesome wonder?

I am noticing there is less joy for folks as they age.

Even a withholding of happiness seems to be the norm.

People seem cautious about letting others see how good they feel.

Maybe there is the belief “Whatever goes up, must come down.”

These may see dark and difficult times.

The good news of good seemed overshadowed by the bad new of misbehavior.

The good news of a pregnancy may be over dramatized fears of responsibility or possible defects.

The good news of essential good health may be overtaken by fear of some potential future problem.

Children are often overlooked for all the good they do, by focusing on one bad grade or mistake.

Adults may be criticized for the one exaggerated error rather than praised for their positive efforts.

Family members may have their helpfulness be taken for granted and forgotten without appreciation.

Seems like early training was often to focus on what wasn’t right instead of acknowledging the Good.

Turn toward the Light.

Look for what is right.

Seek out what you value.

Clear out what you devalue.

What we focus on, we create more.

Where we turn to, we reveal more.

How we give appreciation, we have more.

When we live with forgiveness and love, we inspire more.

This is our time to simply choose our future experience.

We can personally return to the ways of innocence and gratitude.

I can choose to quickly clear the negative and choose to be positive.

Let us each seek to de Light and step out of the Dark.

Love is the way I live in Gratitude….Celebrating the Goodness.

Loving us all,

Betty Lue