Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Go For It!


I live fully and freely everyday.

I love the life I have created for me to have and do and be.

I make my own choices by listening within and honoring what I know is true for me.

I choose to always go in the direction of more Love and Joy and Peace.

Full Moon today at 11:38AM

Make Your Own Choices.

Experiment and try something new.

Live our life your way.

Put your whole self in.

Be willing to give it your all.

When you don’t try, you don’t know what it can be.

When you withhold your best, you won’t experience the best.

When you doubt and fear failure, you create what you fear.

When you jump in, you find out what it can be.

Life offers lessons from which we can learn.

When you are open to learn, you never lose.

When you realize your thoughts create, you change you thoughts.

When you understand you are creating the outcome, you learn and choose again.

This life experience is your learning laboratory.

You can create it being difficult, dangerous and ominous.

You can forgive that limiting thought system.

You can then create a fun, safe and easy life experience.

Each one of us is here to learn.

Each one of us can change doubt to trust.

We can release conflict and return to peace.

We all can forgive the past and live in the present.

Life is simpler than we usually make it.

We are given free will to choose what direction to go.

We are offered easy opportunities to erase mistakes.

We have unlimited choices, visions, and dreams we can fulfill.

When we are ready for the responsibility, we stop all blame, regret, judgment and fear.

When we are willing to respond with love and joy, we feel grateful for another new beginning.

When we are able to care for our mind and body impeccable, we listen within to learn.

When we easily undo what is fearful and unkind, we can quickly return to Love.

When upset, stop and look at what you can do differently.

When you are afraid, listen to what you can say to feel more secure.

When you are sad, ask your heart what you can feel grateful for.

When you feel alone, look around to see where and with whom you can connect.

Your inner child needs your loving consciousness.

Your higher power needs you to listen and learn.

Your sight and insight need you to pay attention.

You need you to love you and be loving to others.

Forgive and let live, really live!   

Choose life and live it well!

Delighting in all of us who choose our own right way.

Betty Lue