Thursday, July 14, 2022

Right or Wrong?


I seek only to do what is right and good.

I know what is right and true in my heart.

I trust my inner guidance in all things.

I follow my conscience to do the right thing for the right reason.

How Do You Tell?

How do you decide what is right or wrong, good or bad for you?

How do you know what will work best or not work at all?

How do you make choices when you think you know?

You can follow books, authorities or experts.

You can write down pros and cons.

You can ask all your friends for their opinions.

But bottom line, listen for the answer that brings you peace.

Listen for peace and calm.

Look for what feels joyful.

Respond to what seems positive.

Trust what brings you peace.

What is Right and Good brings peace to you.

What offers Fear and anxiety is not good for you.

The Goal is Peace.

Seek and find Peace within.

Our inner guide is our conscience.

When we listen within, we hear and know what is right for us.

When we trust ourselves to do the right thing, we feel what is good.

When we honor what is good for us, it is easy to know.

Some have learned always to do what is right.

Some have learned to deceive themselves and others.

Some have been taught to believe little lies are not wrong.

Some have learned to experiment and learn through experience.

You can tell if you are out of integrity with yourself.

Inner conflict, confusion, shame, body or emotional pain are signs of distrust.

When we trust and honor our inner guidance system, we know what is right and good.

When we follow what is right and good, we feel confidence, healthy and happy.

Take the time always to listen within.

Seek always to find inner peace and contentment.

Feel the freedom and happiness that follows.

Give yourself today to loving your authentic Self.

Loving the Real You,

Betty Lue