Thursday, June 23, 2022

What Do You Do?


I free myself to do what brings me happiness and well being.

Doing what I want inspires me to do more.

I am in alignment with what I really really want.

I know what I want and I do it!

What Are You Doing with Your Life?

How do you spend your life?

Your time can be wasted, saved or spent on what you desire.

Your time is like your money.

It is energy that creates more of where you use it.

Consider what you REALLY want!

Utilize your time on what you want to experience.

Prioritize your expenditure of time and use it accordingly.

We have infinite options for time and energy use.

If you want to build something, use time to build the outcome you want.

If you want to explore, then use your life to explore.

If you like to create, schedule time creating.

Simply plan your time doing what you love to do.

Everyday for over 23 years, I have written these Loving Reminders.

I love writing and sharing ways to remember Love.

I prioritize my early morning to write and email these reminders to you.

I am inspired, reminded, fulfilled and grateful for doing what I love.

You can do the same!

Put into a daily schedule or routine doing what you love to do.

Look within and see what it is that you thoroughly enjoy doing.

Make a daily/weekly plan to do it.

Have you looked at what you loved to do as a kid?

Have you explored your memory for what makes you truly happy?

Have you noticed what you have longed for or waited to do?

Sometimes it takes planning, more help or just the courage to do.

I often suggest a spontaneous Want List written easily without limits. (at least 20 “Wants)

Then look at what you believe you need to do what you want.

If you undo all your conditions, you will see you could do it now.

Life is not to be wasted, but focused on what we really want.

You may create resistance and fear to what you want.

You may waste your life doing what you “have” to do.

You may judge everything else must come first and block what you really want.

Life is yours to choose and use for exactly what you REALLY want to do.

Ask what fulfills you and it will bring happiness and well being.

Ask what expands your love and gratitude and it will inspire you.

Ask what calls to you and opens your heart and mind.

Whatever is attractive is asking you to begin it and find the joy within it.

Nurturing, healing, building, challenging, researching, serving, playing, exploring, fixing, imagining,

Questioning, teaching, serving, undoing, forgiving, preaching, showing, teaching, maintaining,

Harmonizing, unifying, growing, moving, thinking, seeing, believing, achieving, inventing.

These are all ways of using your lifetime to do what you love to do.

This is your time.

Use it wisely and well.

I believe you will find your happiness in doing what you love to do.

Betty Lue

I do what I want to do everyday.

Begin to want to do everything you want daily …….

Or change all “must’s, have to’s and should do’s into “I Want” and “I choose”.

This will change your life.