Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Free and Unlimited


I forgive myself for limiting myself.

I no longer believe I need to be what others choose for me.

I am free and unlimited.

I am whole and happy and free.

Who Are You Really?

We are programmed to believe we are limited.

We have been taught to be what others believe.

We buy into our current perceptions and judgments.

We get confused by the world’s labels, diagnoses and beliefs.

Have you considered that you like most have copied your parents?

Have you noticed that you hold the same label as held by your teachers, doctors and therapists?

Have you lived your life buying what was sold to you by the authorities in your life?

Perhaps you are not what you thought you were.

Consider you may be unlimited.

You may be able to change your mind, your emotions and your body.

You can erase what was written on your mind and choose to be what you want to be.

Again and again we can set ourselves free of limited beliefs, patterns, habits and programs.

When you free yourself from the restraints of your mind, you can choose what you want.

No one and nothing can limit you.

There is no age, education, gender, ethnic background or religion that limits you.

You can choose to be and do as you are called and guided to be from within.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You can choose where you live.

You can choose what education you want and the job you take.

You can the songs you sing and what you read.

You are free to be whatever you want to be.

You may not give yourself permission.

You may not believe you can think and say and behave however you choose.

But you can set the stage for yourself to be all you want to be.

Yes, it requires work and consciousness.

It asks that you persist and do not quit.

It demands that we vision, desire, plan and have faith.

We must commit to the fulfillment of our dreams and take action.

We are responsible for our choices and the quality of our life.

We create the things we do and the relationships we have to be all we are here to be.

We choose the positive attitude and right action we take to accomplish our dreams.

We are totally and absolutely able to be who and how we want to be.

Love yourself into Being!

I do.

Betty Lue

“Give yourself to Love.

And Love will give to you.

Live your life with Trust.

And Trust will see you through.”