Friday, June 24, 2022

What's Stopping You?


No one and nothing can limit me.

I am free to be All I Am here to be.

I forgive, erase and delete all that limits me.

I choose love (trust and freedom) in place of fear.

What’s Stopping You?

What is interfering?

Why do you procrastinate?

Who distracts you?

What gets in your way?

If you are frustrated, are you letting something stop you?

If you are afraid, do you let someone frighten you?

If you are uncertain, how are you allowing doubt to slow you down?

If you are neglectful, what is distracting or delaying your process?

Limitations are learned.

They come from those who have taught us.

We learn from the fears we have.

We unconsciously try to fit in and belong.

An exceptional few step out of the ordinary.

Some actually strive to be exceptional.

Those with no fear free themselves from limitations.

Some simply fly above all the rest.

You can look at how you limit yourself.

You can forgive yourself for letting anyone interfere.

You can release the restrictions that confine you.

You can let go of the limitations in your mind.


List what you currently fear.

List what and who you depend on.

Look at what you believe you need to be free.

What you become aware of can set you free.

Forgive your dependencies and your fears.

Undo what you know is simply a limiting belief.

Trust in Love that frees you to fully be You.

Life is meant to be a freeing place filled with celebration.

You are here to break the chains that bind you.

We each have a life of apparent physical/mental limitations.

We can free ourselves by forgiving our own self-made limitations.

The first step is always to forgive the delays, distractions and disappointments.

Second.  Love yourself, mistakes and all.

Third, Then you can let go and move forward with freedom and trust.

Loving you as I love myself.

Betty Lue