Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Delight in the Light!


I choose to lighten up mind and body.

I feel and know this is my time to be happy and free.

I let go of all heaviness and darkness safely and easily.

My life is truly good for me and those around me. 

Light, Light and More Light!

Summer Solstice  is today.

What do you see when there is great light?

You see everything you cannot see the dark.

What you see is what you may not have noticed.

What you see may be what was in the shadows.

If your life is squeaky clean and in order, you feel great.

If you life is messy, dirty and disorderly, you may feel guilty.

When you feel guilty, you may get motivated and clean it up.

But more often folks get mad at everyone or get depressed and withdraw.

So this is a good time to get to work and clean up past leftovers.

This is wonderful time to finish projects and fulfill commitments.

It is a great time to apologize and make amends for neglecting or forgetting.

It is your best time to see where you are going and what you need to get there.

Invite in more light to see even more in yourself and your world.

Ask to see what is needed to be your best self at home and at work.

Clarify what you have left undone, unfinished, unfulfilled and unhappy.

You can use this time to make everything clear and bright and full of light.

Some folks love the light because they feel free and alive.

Some folks hate the light because they see and feel too much.

Some people close their blinds and stay inside because they don't want to look at the mess.

We can all get up, wake up, smell the flowers and fresh air and celebrate the right to be alive.

If this is your right time, use it to its fullest.

Revamp you priorities and plans.

Check in with what brings more joy.

Check out of what depresses and depletes you.


Lift yourself up with enthusiasm, fun and celebration.

Honor your body and mind with positive activity.

Own your environment by respecting all you have.

Let go of unneeded stuff, food and unhappy memories.

We can easily let go and lighten up our lives.

We can quickly change and undo old unhealthy habits.

We can do what we have always wanted to do with no regret.

We can claim our right to be whole and happy and free.

Enlighten your mind by releasing the darkness.

Enlighten your body by letting go of the heaviness.

Enlighten your life by undoing what is not good for you.

We ascend together by choosing a higher way in our lives.

Upward and onward.

Betty Lue


Be the Light and shine the Light in you.

Be the Love and share the Love in you.

Know you are blessed, as you give and receive 

The Love and Light you are.