Sunday, May 01, 2022

How We Love


I love you as I love myself.

As I remember to forgive myself, I am forgiving.

I trust myself to be wholly responsible for my life.

I free myself to love everyone everywhere and know the Love I AM.

Have We Loved?

Have you told the ones who taught you how much you valued them?

Have you shared with those who nurtured you in sickness and health?

Have you honored those who fed you and clothed you and provide a home?

Have you remembered the ones who remembered you in love and care?

Have we learned to say “thank you” in the moment?

Have we taken the time to share the loving stories?

Have we sent prayers of peace and comfort to them?

Have we offered our help in times of need?

May is “Mother’s Month”. 

We are all mothers one to another when we remember to love.

We are each brothers and sisters in our family of humanity.

We are the ones who give shelter and sustenance when we care.

We are here to help, guide, teach and serve with the life we live together.

We came into this world with nothing but our sensitivity and our energy.

We have everything to offer and nothing to lose.

We can feel for one another and care for one another.

From emergence into this world until we complete our time, we can care and share.

Each one of us is worthy of love.

Each one of us is able to be loving.

Each one of us can give to another.

Each one of us can share our love.

Let us begin with the ones who are obvious.

Love and appreciate your elders and teachers.

Love and appreciate your ancestors and your history.

Love and appreciate your learning and teachings.

Love and value the struggles, misunderstanding, worries and fears.

See what more you can learn when you release your regrets and resistance.

Love and value all the choices and voices, past, present and to come.

Open your mind to see how to learn from the difficult and easy.

Life is our mother when we receive life’s nurturing and nourishment.

Life teaches us what we may not be ready to see and willing to know.

Life can be gentle or tough depending on readiness to awaken and learn.

Life forgives past immature ignorance and offers unlimited opportunities to grow up.

We also nurture and nourish our lives and others.

We teach others and ourselves with persistence and consistency.

We awaken our world as we awaken ourselves to learn from everything and everyone.

We forgive everything and everyone, including ourselves so we all can become responsible and independent.

Freedom and trust grow from our willingness to love one another, right now!

Always open and willing to love more.

Betty Lue