Saturday, April 30, 2022

Give Your Best


I give my best to everyone and everything I do, including me.

I flow my love and trust with all my thoughts, words and activities.

I am grateful for the more I have and the more I give to all.

My life works because I am always giving everything I have.

Give Your Best!

To give your best, you must be your best.

To be your best, you receive the best you have.

To receive the best in you is to realize the amazing miraculous, awesome, unlimited Self in You.

Many folks compare themselves with others.

Many try to make others better.

Many even try to make themselves better.

But few simply enjoy giving the best they have and do and are.

It takes no effort to simply open the flow.

Flow your Love.

Flow your creativity.

Flow your prosperity.

Flow your helpfulness.

Flow your joy.

Flow your peace.

Flow the Goodness in you.

Flow all the time to everyone.

I have so much.

I share the much I have.

What I share returns to me.

And I have and share again and again.

I notice the loaves and fishes in my life expand the more I give.

I see that what I have is increased as I share it all freely.

I feel the abundance in me expand when I give myself for joy.

My life continues to be a living example of freely manifesting everything I provide for good works.

Flow is effortless.

Flow is natural.

Flow is healthy.

Flow is fun.

When we are sharing Who and What We Are, we are living on purpose.

When we are limiting or withholding who and What we Are, we are blocking our own life energy.

We can forgive, erase and delete all blocks to the awareness of Love within us.

We can clear the fear of giving always and only our best with self forgiveness.

This is our work.

This is our function.

This is our purpose.

We are here to be trusting and free, happy and in the flow of Love.

Bless you as me as we set ourselves free to be.

Betty Lue