Monday, May 02, 2022

Clear Your Vision


I forgive everything and everyone for all time , including myself.

I am willing to relinquish judgment and heal myself and everyone.

I choose to see the beauty, love, joy and peace in all things.

I trust all things work together for good, (whether I see it of not).

Clear Your Vision

We see clearly when we relinquish all judgment.

Judgment clouds our perceptions.

Negativity blocks our view.

Fear leaves us in darkness.

When we have every reason to feel happy and grateful, we may feel regretful and down.

When life seems to be on vacation in paradise, but we are seeing things upside down.

When we cannot see the sun shining behind the clouds, we are feeling perturbed and picky.

There must be something “bugging” us.

Time to clear our vision.

Begin to forgive everything and everyone.

Step aside and wash away the critical thoughts.

BE willing to let go and see the bright side.

The negative mind is not real.

We must wash away what is wrong.

When we want to sing, we must listen for the music.

When we want to play, we must seek to have fun.

Life gives us choices.

We are here to choose what is real and loving and good for us.

To stay in the space of judgment and fear, we leave ourselves in darkness.

To walk into the space of forgiveness and love, we choose to enter delight.

Turn away from what is wrong.

Walk into what is right.

Set aside what is bad for us.

Choose only what is good for us.

Deny the temptation to wallow in complaining.

Begin to express gratitude for any and all good.

Pray and affirm for the happy side of life.

Focus on what us working and release what is not.

It seems that life is happening to us.

We may find ourselves in what we fear.

We can choose to correct our misperceptions.

Seek only what is conscious and clear.

Dare to see things differently.

Enable your mind to be clear.

Stop holding judgment and fear.

See what you value and hold near.

Choose to see what is light and just right for you.

Seeing All with forgiveness and Love,

Betty Lue